Impacter Principles

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I am a Children's Ministry leader in sunny South Africa. Our Church is in the capital city called Pretoria about 30 minutes away from Johannesburg.  Our nursery and toddlers church also run according to these principles. 

I have been involved in children's ministry all my life and it is a passion for me to see the standard of children's ministry raised everywhere. Many years ago God deposited these principles for children's ministry in my heart and I have ministered as a children's ministry leader in small and large churches in our nation and I have found these principles work in every setting and I have seen growth in every Church I have ministered in as a result of applying these principles.

Our team knows these principles off by heart and they know that this is a heart thing and not a head thing for us. Everything we do, every program every curriculum and every event is built around these principles. We believe that our volunteers and helpers are called to be impacters for Christ in this generation. It doesn't matter what type of church you are or what curriculum you use I believe these principles can work for you and you can still have the freedom to minister in the way God has called you and your church to minister to the children in your setting. My prayer is that these principles will be a blessing to you just like they have been

The Impacter principles are

I Introduce them to Jesus
M Minister to their needs
P Pray for them always
A Accept them always no matter what
C Connect them to other believers
T Train them in the way they should go
E Equip them
R Release them to be Impacters 4 Jesus and reach the world

Our heart is not just to do Sunday service but to make an impact in our community for Jesus by purposefully reaching out to boys and girls everyday of the week.


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