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24: A Day That Saved The World - 6 Week Series

24: A Day That Saved The World - 6 Week Series

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Perfect for Kids Church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotion time at home with the family.


This EASTER series focuses on the last 24 hours of Jesus' life. If you’ve ever seen an episode of the TV show, “24”, then you’ve seen special agent Jack Bauer go through all kinds of incredible difficulties in order to eventually save the day. The show is filled with twists and turns. You are left thinking, “Is it really possible for someone to go through SO MUCH in just 24 hours?”


Well, Jack Bauer doesn’t have anything on Jesus. In the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life, He went through so many twists, turns, and difficulties. Jesus was betrayed by a friend, arrested, put on trial, convicted, beaten, mocked, and sentenced to death by being nailed to a cross - all in only 24 hours.


Jesus went through all of this for a reason...US! We are the reason that Jesus gave His life. He died on that cross in order to provide a way for every person to receive forgiveness of their sins. He paid the price for you and me. The last 24 hours of Jesus’ life was most definitely “A Day That Saved The World!”


This series will take your children on a journey through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. From the Last Supper to Gethsemane, and all the way to the cross - your children will learn all about why we celebrate Easter in this series.

The Lessons:

Lesson 1 - “How To Be The Greatest” (Jesus washes disciples' feet)

Lesson 2 - “How To Get To Heaven" (Last Supper)

Lesson 3 - "When Things Go Wrong" (Last Supper pt 2)

Lesson 4 - “Time To Pray” (Garden of Gethsemane)

Lesson 5 - "Tough Choices" (Crucifixion)

Lesson 6 - “The Price Is Right” (Resurrection)

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