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Average Pete - 8 Week Series

Average Pete - 8 Week Series

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We tend to look at Bible Heroes as “larger than life”, but the truth is they are no different than you or me. The disciples were especially average. The leader of that “A- Team (A=average)” was the disciple known as Simon Peter. Peter was a fisherman. He was an average, ordinary guy.

When Jesus called Peter to follow Him, this average guy began to experience and do extraordinary things. There was nothing special about him, but when he obeyed Jesus—he became something way “above average.”

In the Average Pete - 8 Week Series from KidzConnectSA, your children will learn that they can be used by God in a big way! God specialises in using the average, the ordinary, the not-so-special. It’s the best way for Him to prove that HE is the one who deserves the glory, not us!

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