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High Voltage Kids

Deal With it - 10 Week Series

Deal With it - 10 Week Series

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Issues. Problems. We all have issues and problems that we face. For some, it is their attitude. For others, it’s a habit that they can’t seem to break. For many, it is something they have faced their whole life.

The goal of this series is to take on each of those issues and problems and learn how to “Deal With It!” Not just our own way, but the BIBLE WAY! We need to find out what God has to say about how we should “Deal With It!”

God wants us to live victoriously over habits, problems, and issues. He doesn’t want things to hold us back from becoming all that He has planned for us to be. Often, we try to deal with issues and problems on our own, but God is there to help us if we ask Him. Many issues are just too big for us to handle by ourselves, we need His power and His strength in order to “Deal With It” once and for all.

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