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Jesus is for Everyone - 6 Week Series

Jesus is for Everyone - 6 Week Series

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“For God so loved the world...” These are the words that begin one of the most famous scriptures in the Bible. Yet, too often, people get it in their minds that Jesus only came for special, rich, or important people. Jesus didn’t come and reveal Himself to the Kings and Leaders of the time. He was born in a manger and appeared to Shepherds.

Jesus didn’t spend His time ministering only to the “important” and “influential” people of society. He spent time ministering to the hurting, the sick, the lost, and the poor. Jesus was willing to spend time with ANYONE who would listen to His message. The people of Jesus’ time saw first-hand that Jesus is not just for the wealthy, well-connected, or special people. Nope, the truth is - “JESUS IS FOR EVERYONE.”

Introducing the Jesus is for Everyone - 6 Week Series from KidzConnectSA. This series is designed to help children understand that Jesus is for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. Through this series, children will learn about Jesus’ love for all people and how He wants to be a part of their lives.

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