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Life is a Highway 6 Week Series

Life is a Highway 6 Week Series

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Remember all the fun road trips you had as a kid with your family? Or maybe you and your college friends decided to take a spur of the moment road trip to sights unseen and destinations unknown. What a journey!

Life is a lot like a highway. The Bible says that there are two roads that we can choose to travel on. One leads to life in Heaven forever and one leads to sin and death. We have to make sure we are on the road that leads to Heaven.

Live is a Highway 6 Week Series is perfect for Kids church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotions at home with the family. Along the road, there are many lessons to learn. In this series, your kids will learn some of those lessons by studying road signs. They will learn lessons like there’s only ONE WAY to Heaven, how to STOP sinful habits, how to YIELD to God’s Spirit, how to make a U-Turn when you’ve hit a DEAD END, and much more.

Your kids will delight in this amazing journey of faith. So, enjoy the ride as you and your children take off on one of the most amazing journeys with ”Life Is A Highway.”


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