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The New Normal 6 Weeks Series

The New Normal 6 Weeks Series

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We hear that the World has a new normal around us and we need to take our Relationship with God to a New Normal and a higher level! Introducing The New Normal 6 Weeks Series, perfect for Kids church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotions at home with the family.

What is “NORMAL?” - Well that depends. Satan’s goal is to make sin “normal.” He wants to convince people, even church people that “if enough people are doing it, we can’t call it wrong”. Instead, it’s just “normal.” In the book of Ephesians, chapters 4-6, the Apostle Paul gives us what “normal” should look like for a Christian. We should not look like the “normal” of the world. Instead, God is calling us to a higher level - a “NEW Normal.”

In this series, your children will learn through the stories of Ananias and Saphira, Jesus and the Pharisees, Judas, Abraham and Isaac, David and Saul, and the early Apostles. They will learn how God is calling us to a new level in our relationship with Him when it comes to our attitude, speech, morality, families, and churches. God is calling us to live in “The NEW Normal” of His power and grace. We pray that this series will help your kids go to the next level in their relationship with God and live radically, incredibly, shockingly NORMAL!

Get The New Normal 6 Weeks Series now and start your journey to a higher level of relationship with God!


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