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Armor Of God 8-Week Kickricklum

Armor Of God 8-Week Kickricklum

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Armor O' God 8-Week Kickrickulum Lesson Overview: 

Lesson 1: You’ve Got To Be Putting Me On - Protecting against your enemy Ephesians 6:11-12
Lesson 2: Let’s “Loin” About Truth - Wrapping ourselves in truth Ephesians 6:14a
Lesson 3: First Things First - Protecting your heart Ephesians 6:14
Lesson 4: I Was Born (again!) - Staying focused on the Gospel Ephesians 6:15
Lesson 5: The “Moist” Faith You’ve (not) Seen - Faith applied daily Ephesians 6:16
Lesson 6: Heads Up! - Protecting your mind Ephesians 6:17
Lesson 7: A Cut Above The Rest - The power of the Word Ephesians 6:17b
Lesson 8: I’ve Got Your Back - Prayer support Ephesians 6:18

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