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High Voltage Kids

Between the Lines 9 Week Series

Between the Lines 9 Week Series

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Perfect for Kids Church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotion time at home with the family.

Jesus was a master storyteller. Everywhere He went, He used the location, environ- ment, and customs that were familiar to His followers and used them to tell stories that conveyed amazing spiritual truth. We call these stories Parables.

In this series, we will be studying some of the most well known Parables that Jesus told during His Earthly ministry. We will not just be looking at the stories on the sur- face. We will be going “Between The Lines” to find out what is the spiritual significance of each story.

This series is set in a newspaper reporter theme. We encourage you to deck out your room with Newspaper headlines, typewriters (if you can find one in today’s computer world), and anything you can find to help set the theme. Encourage your kids to ask questions about the stories, digging deep to find the Truth.

We hope you enjoy this amazing journey into some of the greatest stories ever told.

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