Family Farm - 5 Week Series

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Families are a lot like farms. On a farm, we plant seeds, then we water them, take care of them, and much later we get a harvest of amazing stuff. If you plant corn seeds, you get a harvest of corn. If you plant tomato seeds, you get a harvest of tomato. Whatever seeds you plant, that is what you’re going to get in the harvest down the road.

It’s the same way in a family. If you want to reap a harvest of love, then you have to plant the seeds of love in your family. If you want parents who honour you, you must plant seeds of trust in your family. Whatever seeds you plant, that’s the harvest you are going to get!

Lesson 1: “You Get What You Plant”.

Lesson 2: “Planting Prayer, Affirmation, & Time”.

Lesson 3: “Planting Honor & Obedience”

Lesson 4: “Planting Faith & Commitment”.

Lesson 5: “Planting Forgiveness & Sacrifice”.

Included in this comprehensive package are lesson manuals, Keynote presentations,, family devotions, - everything you need to embark on this life-changing journey of scripture memorization with your kids. Videos and Music not included.

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