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It's a Miracle - 6 Week Series

It's a Miracle - 6 Week Series

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Jesus was a miracle worker. He began his Earthly ministry by performing His first miracle of turning water into wine. From that point on, Jesus established Himself as someone with Supernatural power beyond mortal human beings.

Jesus didn’t stop performing miracles when His Earthly ministry ended. No way! He continues to perform miracles today. In fact, He wants to perform miracles both in and through each one of us. All we have to do is trust and believe.

Believing is the hardest part. Sometimes it seems that there is just no way a miracle can happen because our situation is just too big. In this series, the children will learn the stories of Lazarus, the lame man, the widow’s son, the deaf mute, and Peter getting money from a fish. They will learn that Jesus can always show up and perform a miracle.


Lesson 1: “Never Too Late” (Lazarus Is Raised)

Lesson 2: “So, Help Me, God” (Lame Man Is Healed)

Lesson 3: “Kick The Habit” (Demons Into Pigs)

Lesson 4: “Lean On Me” (Jesus Heals A Deaf Mute)

Lesson 5: “It’s Not Over” (The Widow's Son)

Lesson 6: “Gone Fi$hin” (Money From A Fish's Mouth)

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