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Say Whaaaat?- 6 Week Series

Say Whaaaat?- 6 Week Series

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Jesus challenged the status quo. From the moment He arrived on the scene, He made statement after statement that made people stop in their tracks. In fact, His statements made all the people around Him stop and say the modern-day equivalent of,“SayWhaaaat?”.

If we are going to be the kind of Christians God has called us to be, we will have to learn to live the way Jesus lived and think the way Jesus thought. That means we have to retrain ourselves and reprogram our minds. We have to lose the human way of thinking and embrace the Jesus way of thinking.

The Say Whaaaat?- 6 Week Series from KidzConnectSA helps your children learn about some of the most challenging statements and teachings of Jesus. From learning to store up treasures in Heaven to learning to live without worry, your kids will be challenged to get rid of the “old” way of thinking and embrace the “Jesus” way of thinking!

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