Tabernacle 2: Beyond the Veil 6-Week KickRickulum

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Unveil the mysteries of the Tabernacle with "Discovering the Tabernacle: A Journey for Kids." This engaging and educational guide takes children on an exciting exploration of the sacred structure that God instructed the Israelites to build.

Lesson 1: Let it Shine!  - (Lamp stand) Jesus is the light Exodus 25:31-40
Lesson 2: No Matter How You Slice It - (Table of Shewbread) Provision Exodus 25:23-30, 37:10-16 Leviticus 24:59
Lesson 3: That’s Sweet!  - (Altar of Incense) Prayer Exodus 27:1-8, 30:1-110, 34:38
Lesson 4: Caught In The Middle  - (The High Priest) Jesus is our High Priest Exodus 28:1-41
Lesson 5: A-Veil-able Now!  - (Holy of Holies) Mercy in God’s presence Exodus 26:31-35
Lesson 6: GPS  - (The cloud and pillar of fire) Being Spirit led Exodus 40:34-38

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