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What A Day Easter 3 Week Series

What A Day Easter 3 Week Series

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Perfect for Kids church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotions at home with the family, What A Day Easter 3 Week Series is an amazing journey through Jesus' last 24 hours. We will begin with the Last Supper, teaching the children the importance of Communion and what the bread and juice represents. Then, we will walk with Jesus and the disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed and prepared to face the biggest test of His life. Finally, we will experience the horror of Jesus’ crucifixion and the glory of His resurrection.

Your children will feel as if they were there when the most amazing event of all human history took place. So, prepare yourself for a whirlwhind 24 hours—all the way up to Easter Sunday Morning. It’s going to be an amazing journey! What A Day!


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