Psalm 23 12-Week KickRickulum

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Introduce your child to the timeless wisdom and comforting promises of Psalm 23 with our engaging and interactive study guide, "Exploring Psalm 23: A Journey for Kids." This delightful book takes young readers on an in-depth exploration of one of the most beloved chapters in the Bible, Psalm 23.

Lesson 1: Feeling Sheepish? - The Lord is our shepherd Psalm 23:1
Lesson 2: Everything You Wanted . . . And More. - God provides all we need Psalm 23:1
Lesson 3: Time To Lay It All Down - Our shepherd provides rest Psalm 23:2a
Lesson 4: No Drought About It - Spiritual food Psalm 23:4
Lesson 5: Gently Restored  - Forgiveness and restoration Psalm 23:3a
Lesson 6: More To Follow  - Our steps are ordered Psalm 23:3b
Lesson 7: No One Said Anything About Stopping! - We are never alone Psalm 23:4a
Lesson 8: Tools Of The Trade  - The Word and the Spirit Psalm 23:4b
Lesson 9: Your Table Is Ready  - God prepares us Psalm 23:5a
Lesson 10: Have You Checked Your Oil Lately? - The anointing of God’s Spirit Psalm 23:5b
Lesson 11: Excuse Me, You Dropped Your Goodness And Mercy - God’s goodness and mercy Psalm 23:6a
Lesson 12: Home Sweet Home - The presence of God Psalm 23:6b

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