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High Voltage Kids

Mythbusters 6 Week Series

Mythbusters 6 Week Series

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Perfect for Kids church, Sunday School Presentation or for devotions at home with the family

There are many ideas about God that have been invented through the ages. Sadly, so many people buy into the myth that some of those ideas are actually true. Often, because a whole bunch of people believe a myth is true, other people start to accept it as fact. Many children hear these myths at school, on television, and in the neighborhood. So, what are we gonna do?

We are going to take some of the most popular myths about God that people claim are true – and BUST EM! We’re gonna look at what the Bible says and prove that these myths are 100% totally FALSE!

So join the Mythbusters Team, Brittany and Aaron, as they tackle one of these myths in each lesson. They are joined by “BUSTER”, a wacky guy (with even wackier hair) who loves to BUST stuff – as well as teach us some amazing Power Verses!

We pray you and your children will be radically changed and have your faith strengthened in this amazing curriculum series—”MYTHBUSTERS.”

Please note download size for this series once purchased is 2.22GB

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