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High Voltage Kids

Open the door 3 Week Kidz Church Message Series

Open the door 3 Week Kidz Church Message Series

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There are so many different kinds of doors: revolving doors, sliding doors, doors you pull, doors you push, doors that open automatically, doors that fold, big doors, small doors, car doors, garage doors, doors that are massive pieces of artwork, and doors that just keep you safe.

In this series, Open the Door 3 Week Kidz Church Message Series, we are talking about doors. No, not the kind of doors we walk in and out of every day. We are talking about a different kind of door. We are talking about a door of opportunity: opportunity to share God’s love.

In this series, we are going to be talking all about these doors and what God is ready to do about them. We are going to learn that God is not intimidated by closed, locked doors. He can bust through any door! We pray that this series is a blessing to you and the children in your ministry!

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